Friday, April 16, 2010

Which shade are you ?

How to choose the right foundation colour for you skin tone.

Make up is one of my fun topics to blog about because I love make up lol. But firstly finding out your skin tone colour is key, as it is important to have a natural , even looking foundation base.
I personally adore Sacha Cosmetics Cocoa Beige :D
1. Consider your skin type
2.Find out the right forulation for your skin Oily, Dry Combination?
3. If your oily look for words like oil free or oil control on the bottle, Got dry skin, determine if you're more oily or dry and go from there.
4. Cream to powder bases work great for combo skinla.
5. Go with a bare face when selecting a foundation.
6. Selct a few colors that seem closer to your natural tone.
7. Apply a couple dots of each color on areas of your jawline .
8. Take a good long look near a window to see which fondation looks est in the natural light.